Today i received an email from experts exchange titled: Your account has been suspended

i forgot i had an account with experts exchange. i can't imagine me paying for support when i can get it easy on the web. but i guess i did at some point.

about 8 or 6 years ago, i remember whenever i would google a problem i had with anything related to computer stuff i would see come up on the top results of google. now, i've noticed a new website has taken all the top results. its called

ive used alot. the good thing about it is that its free. you dont have to pay for the answers.

its too bad the owners of experts exchange lost that position in their ranking with google results. i've read somewhere that ever since google introduced the Panda algorithm in their google search, experts exchange lost alot of traffic.

i used to be annoyed whenever i would go to search on google for something, then experts exchange would come up, i would click on the link and then the experts exchange website would show a bunch of stuff at the top and sometimes, it would not let me show the answer, it said i had to pay and once, i just needed to have the answer so i paid for membership. what i noticed is that experts exchange did when a search engine would crawl their website, it would show the answer, but when a person would go the that page, it would not show the answer. but then i figured out how to get the answer to free. i would just do the cache feature on google