Milo Manheim Quiz

Milo Manheim is the star of the Disney Channel famous movie called Zombies 2. He plays a zombie called Zed. You may also know that he was on Dancing with the Starts. He was born in the United States, but what city? hmm, well, that will be part of the quiz. If you think you know everything there is to know about Milo Manheim that the quiz challenge. Let's get started.


Milo Manheim Quiz

Fun Milo Manheim Quiz
1. Who is Milo Manheim's acting idol?
2. Milo Manheim's grandfather was a ___.
3. Milo Manheim helped raised money for what American President?

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4. Milo Manheim has extraordinarily large collection of what?
5. What is Milo Manheim's favorite show?
6. He has two orange cats. What are their names?

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7. Milo Manheim loves playing music and plays what instruments?
8. What is Milo Manheim's Religion?


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