Last week for the first time in a long time, I started to look at my budget closer because of the inflation of 2022 and I needed to find ways to cut on costs. As I look through my list of monthly expenses, the first item that caught my eye was the DirecTV bill. It was $159 - wow. I couldn't believe it. This was one item that needed to be remove from my monthly cycle right away.

I spend time looking for alternatives. The first and most obvious was switching to another provider like Comcast/Xfinity - Comcast sucks - I really didn't want to go that route. On a conference call with some of my peers, someone mentioned ROKU. I started looking into it and it was the solution I needed. But I still had questions about it...

Two days I went to Walmart to by my things and while walking around, I stumbled into the "Specials" section near the electronics and there it was. ROKU Express 4K for only $34 - I brought it home and started playing with it. I couldn't believe all the free features. This was my solution to Alternative DirecTV.

I was skeptical about calling DirecTv because these companies are known for putting you through hoops and loops to cancel your service. These are the steps I took to successfully cancel my DirecTV satellite service.

Cancel DirecTV Steps:

  1. Call 800 288 2020 - Note: They may say AT&T, but they will help you with canceling your DirecTV service.
  2. Say "Cancel Service"
  3. You will be transfer to an agent and simply say "I would like to cancel my DirectTV satellite service please"
  4. The first question you will be asked is why do you want to cancel the service. You can say this so they don't ask too many questions: "There are many reasons why I want to cancel my service, but the primary reason is costs - I can no longer afford it." - If you say that, they will not push back because they know you can't pay your bill anymore.
  5. They will ask you. What was the thing you enjoyed the most about the service. For me, the service sucked. The signal always gave me trouble and they had to dispatch a tech a couple of times to get it fixed and still it wasn't great, at least not for $150 bucks. So I told them the service technicians where nice.
  6. Also, the best time to cancel your service so you won't have unexpected charges is to tell them you want to cancel the service on the next billing cycle.
  7. They will tell you to take the equipment to the local UPS or USPS office and give them your account number.
  8. You can ask the question for to confirm your account number and also be sure to ask for a cancellation confirmation number and ask for the date the service will be cancel, it should reflect your next billing cycle date.
  9. Done


The following are just my notes that I attempted to cancel my DirecTV through the chat, but that can't be done, you have to call the 800 number. They call it some loyalty number.. whatever..

cancel directv

click on chat

type: human

So I can get you the right info, what service are you asking about?


Let me get you to the right place!
Since you've got DIRECTV, you'll now manage your account at Please connect with our DIRECTV virtual assistant, where you can also chat with an agent if needed

open the chat with "EVA" and you will get a message like this:
Hi, I’m EVA, your Virtual Assistant! Which service can I help you with? ??

SELECT: Directv

I may be able to give you a quick answer if you tell me what you need help with.
If I don't know the answer, I'll find someone who does!

Type: Human

So I can make sure I'm sending you to the right agent, please let me know what kind of help you need.
Select: billing/account help

To save a little time, please sign into your DIRECTV account.
Sure, sign in

I'll connect you to an agent as soon as one is available. 3 ahead of you in the queue.

you might get a message like this, so ignore it, just wait for the next agent until you get a message: You're up next.

Tired of waiting?
Enable notifications and minimize this window. We'll let you know when your turn is up
Would you rather text with your chat agent? Scan the QR code with your phone camera to switch to your messaging app. Once the chat opens up:
1. Type "Hi"
2.Select Your Product of choice.
3.Type "QRC"

call 800 288 2020

Hi. I went and asked me login to my account then it brought me to my account here where I started this chat. I want to cancel my DirecTV subscription.