if you are like me, and wanted to know how to uncompress or open .gzip files in linux i will show you how. i've been using linux and sometimes i've come across some downloads that are compress as gzip .gz .gunzip but how do you open them? well today i will show you the command you can use on the linux shell to excecute and unpack or uncompress the .gzip files. i think this is the same a .zip files you can open with winzip., anyway, this is the command to open it:

gunzip filename.txt.gz
**** where filename.txt.gz is the name of the file you wish to uncompress

some information you can learn about the gzip technology: gzip and gunzip are GNU file compression and decompression utilities. Usually, files that have been compressed by gzip will have a .gz extension. However, sometimes you may see a file that has a .tgz extension. This is a TAR file that has been compressed by gzip. The .tgz extension is a shorthand version for the .tar.gz extension. This type of file must be uncompressed with gunzip before it can be untarred. However, there is a way to use the tar command to uncompress the file and untar it at the same time. For more information, see the tar: Tape Archive Files guide.

if you wan to know how to compress a gzip file To compress a file using gzip, execute the following command:
gzip filename.txt
****** where filename.txt is the name of the file you wish to compress

The result of this operation is a file called filename.txt.gz. By default, gzip will delete the filename.txt file.