welcome.. i just wanted to tell you about Niall Horan, naill is so unique that no one looks like him, ever since i found about Niall Horan, i wanted to meet him and tell him how much i love him. just like you, i wanted to call him on his number i want the number to call and tell Niall Horan he is my favorite singer from one direction. there are alot of people here who want the number for Niall Horan but dont have the real number, well, i was able to get it, but it wasn't easy. to get his phone number i had to drive like 50 miles away from town. and then my friend told me that i should put it online so other peple call Niall Horan on the phone. that is the good news, the bad news is that this is not Niall Horan wireless mobile number. that is impossible to get. after all, Niall Horan deserves some privacy. imagine if everyone all of the sudden got Niall Horan phone number. then everyone would call at the same time. all his fans and all the people who love him and admire everything about Niall Horan, that would drive niall crazy. and then he would just change his number. so think about it for a minute. if you get Niall Horan's phone number, are you going to give it out. no right? why would you give Niall Horan phone number if you know that someone else would call niall and maybe say mean things to him and you risk losing the number because he hates it when people are mean. i hate it too. so if you really want to have the phone number to call Niall Horan, you have to promise me you will be nice and not say bad things to him. last time i gave it to my friends, she gave it to her friend and that friend was a boy and he hated Niall Horan so he would call in the middle of the night on his phone and ofcourse that was not nice. i didnt like it when she told me what she had done. at the moment i knew that all the fans were going to lose Niall Horan's phone number, and guess what, it happened, i called the following week just to see if Niall Horan would answer the phone, and it was disconnected. so angry when i found out. like i said, i had to drive 50 miles to get the new number and to be honest, i have only called Niall Horan once, and i got a voicemail with his voice. i was a chiken and didnt love leave a voicemail because i was scared that Niall Horan would call me back and i would freak out if he did. wouldnt you. so before you get Niall Horan's phone, you have to tell me why you need it and what are you going to say to him.