did you know that there are still some good guys left in this world.
there are guys who are willing to help a single mother or a woman without kids around the house.
if you have a car and it needs repair, there are also some men who would be a handyman for you.
if you're car needs a small repair, there are also men who are willing to fix your car for free.
i volunteer my time to help single women in cities and near by towns in California.

we all know its hard for a single mother to get ahead, specially if you have kids. money is sometimes not easy to come by, so that's why there's are some men who give their time to help women in need of repairs. sometimes you have problems that having a guy around can go a long way.

my name is ed, i live in the bay area and i dedicate my free time helping single mothers with home and automotive repairs. Im a good handy man when it comes to appliances, plumbing, carpenter, floors, electronics and automotive repair.

if you live in any of these cities reply to me here on this post and i will email to see how i can help.

in exchange for my services all i ask is that you someday help someone who is in need. you dont have to pay me any money. i know how difficult it can be for a single lady to support your children and yourself. or if you don't have any children its ok also. the only exception that i have is that if you already have a boyfriend or a husband, i won't be able to help you. my services are for single a single woman only. these are women who can't afford to hire a handyman or someone to come a do miscellaneous repairs around the house or your vehicle. but don't expect me to do something as difficult as replacing the roof or something, because you'll just be wasting my time. i can do small jobs, you know little things around the house like, unplugging a clogged drain, repairing a broken pipe, fixing the garbage disposer, changing the oil on your car,