Flashing Letters

*If you have Microsoft Internet Explorer you will not see the red letters above flash
* BUT if you have mozilla Firefox, you will

Learn How To Make Flashing Blinking Letters HTML CSS Styles Blink Flash

so you want to how to make your html web pages make flashing letters that go on and off huh? Learning how to make flashing text is easy.

Ok, today i will teach you how i learned to do this.

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The first step is to open a new file in your text editor. if you have windows, you can use notepad.exe. Open notepad and copy and past the following code to your notepad document:

<title>Making flashing letters fonts numbers tutorial guide for beginners in HTML CSS Styles</title>
<style type="text/css">
.flashing {
color: #FF0000;
text-decoration: blink;
<strong>Making flashing letters fonts numbers tutorial guide for beginners in HTML CSS Styles
<h1 align="center" class="flashing">Tell Your Friends About Wallpaperama!</h1> <hr />
<BLINK><span style="color:#0000FF ">Webhosting by Webune</span><BLINK>
<hr />
<p align="left">This short script tutorial is to show you how you can make text flash </p>


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now save file as flashing-letters.html and upload to your site to see the script in action and to see how it works.

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Note that according to the WebTechs Mozilla DTD, the <BLINK> tag is a text-level element. This means that, even though Netscape seemingly ignores this factoid, the <BLINK> tag can only contain ("surround") the following tags:

I am using firefox and so i am able to see my text blink. if you are using another browser like internet explorer, it will not work. Another Plus for Firefox!

hope this has helped you

I would like to know what kind of browser you have, and if you are able to see the red text flashing above. that way we can learn which browsers support this feature.


Wallpaperama Team.