today i wanted to get the full url from my browser using javascript

so in order to help others, im posting my notes here so you guys with wallpaper websites can benefit and make your websites much better using php and javascript both server side and clien side scripts

so i lets say i want to get the url from the current page im viewing right now well you can use this code to do that

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
document.write (document.location.href);

look at the demo below to see how how it works


as you can see, this is an easy way of getting the full url address from the adress bar in your browser like firefox or internet explorer

now the trick is to make this server side like php that would be awsome but i haven't figure out that one out yet.

i hope this helped you.. if so, please give me your comments, if it was a waste of your time,, hmm. still tell me what you think.