can you help me, im getting a bunch of error on my new dedicated server i lease from webune for my wallpaper website. before when my website was on the other server, i didnt have this problem. this is want im getting

Notice: Use of undefined constant host - assumed 'host' in /var/www/functions.php on line 566

Notice: Undefined index: reply in /var/www/web1/mypages/a-header.php on line 66

Notice: Undefined index: asunt in /var/www/globals.php on line 15

Notice: Undefined index: usernme in /var/www/globals.php on line 56

Notice: Undefined index: category in /var/www/globals.php on line 100

Notice: Undefined index: page in /var/www/globals.php on line 129

Notice: Undefined index: category_u in /var/www/globals.php on line 146

Notice: Undefined index: pg_n in /var/www/globals.php on line 149

Notice: Undefined variable: defatpage in /var/www/globals.php on line 301

Notice: Undefined variable: ReplyIrl in /var/www/web1/mypages/a-header.php on line 99

Notice: Undefined variable: adminstros in /var/www/web1/mypages/a-header.php on line 166

whats going on. is there anything i need to do?

ok, never mind i found the answer..

you actually need to edit /etc/php.ini file and change the error reporting to this:

error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE