If you are reading this post its probably because like me, you are also married and wanting to stop cheating on your wife. The first step is to accept your unfaithfulness which leads you to stop. To stop cheating is very easy if you want. But, alone cannot do it. I have tried to stop cheating on my wife on my own, but have failed. Now with the use of the internet, it's easy for married men to find women who are willing to have relationships or casual fun . Every time I cheated on my wife with another woman I would come home feeling guilty, then after a couple of weeks, the guilt would go away and I start wanting to do it again. so I continued this cycle. Over and over again. I truly wanted to stop. I didn't want to risk hurting my wife because she is a good woman and I feel like such a jerk, but my emotional desires would over come any weakness I had in me for having an affair with another woman.

So what is the secret to stop cheating on your wife? Well, there is no secret. You've known it all along. Its prayer. Adultery is a sin, and to start the healing you have to recognize that what you are doing is a sin. Kneel on your knees and ask the Lord to forgive you. You will feel much better. Ask Jesus to give you strength so when you have temptations again, you will be strong and to say no to adultery. You will be tempted to do it again, but just remember how guilty you feel and how much you love your wife. Its not fair for her or your family. Dont give in into temptation. Be strong and be faithful

please tell me your story, I would like to know if anyone else is going through is and how are you handling?