hey! hi, so i just read what you've posted here and i wanted to ask you some stuff..
i am a freshman and i really really like this guy, who's a senior.. gosh he is so cute! anyways, today we had to take a picture since it was the first day of high school, and there was no line so i went and signed the form, while i was signing i saw him running towards me. there was no line behind me and i was the first one in the school to get the picture. but he was helping out some teachers with some activities and stuff before coming, so i don't know if he came to take the picture just because there was no line or maybe cause he likes me and wanted to show off... i really like this guy and i need some help... asap!!! thankyou so much! these are my seven thing i do to get a guys attention

1. brush your teeth
2. wear makeup
3. keep myself healthy (thin)
4. wear perfume
5. shave my legs and arm pits
6. dress nice
7. smile more