if you are a biginer of PHP, you will fine this quick and small tutorial guide to help you learn more about php.

In order for this PHP script to work, you will need PHP hosting, if you dont already have php hosting, or if you have hosting but not PHP, you can sign up with our friends at www.webune.com they have great PHP hosting plans for beginers like me and you.

1. Now that you have php hosting, you will need to do is copy and paste the following into yor text editor like notepad:


echo"Hello, Welcome to wallpaperama!";


2. save you file as wallpaperama.php and upload to your site, then open it with your browser and you should see a message " Hello, Welcome to wallpaperama".

NOTE: if you still see the <?php in your browser, then you don't have PHP, i recommend you subscribe to a PHP hosting plan at www.webune.com

These three simple lines create a PHP file. Notice how i tell the server that this is a php file by begining with the <?php, this tells the apache server i am starting a PHP script, and the ?> tells the apache server that i am ending the php script.