If you have a file that's too large or too big to post on some forums, there is a way you can make them smaller size. If you are trying to upload a huge file and the website will not allow you, then you can reduce the size of the file to a smaller size so you are able to upload.

If you were trying to post an image on our forums but it referred you to this page, then follow these instruction on how to make your picture or image to a smaller size so you'll be able to upload.

If you have windows, you can use paint.exe you can find this program under START > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES > PAINT

For windows 10, click on the windows icons and type "Paint" to search for the paint desktop App.


Now open your image file with FILE > OPEN then find your file you want to make smaller.

Once you have opened your image file, click on IMAGE > SKETCH / SKEW an a small popup will appear, now change the Horizontal and Vertical from 100 to 50 % and click OK(see image below), then save (FILE > SAVE)

Now you should have cut the file size in half, but if its still too large, do the the same steps again but cutting it down to 50%. That's it.

now go to FILE > Save As

you can save the image file as JPG and name it whatever you want. remember the location of this file in your computer so when its time to upload, you will be able to find the name and the location of the file you just saved.

If you have photoshop, you can do this much easier. but Paint.exe should be ok to use. Remember, you can only post jpeg, jpg, png ro gif files on this forums.

please give any comments