this tutorial is intended for people who are not very familiar with linux and want to experiment how to do an installation of linux on their computer. when i first started to learn about linux, i always searched for an easy to follow tutorial that shows step by step on what i need to do to complete the installation from start to finish. and if the guide had pictures or images to show me how each step looked like, then what would be just easy for me to understand. so i created this series of tutorials to help those who wanted to learn about linux. so here we go.

ok, the first thing on your mind might be, --- I DONT HAVE ANOTHER COMPUTER TO INSTALL LINUX -- well, im going to make it easy for you. most likely you already have a computer with windows on it, right. well, we can use you current computer and still have linux on it..

thanks to the folks at, they have created a software called virtualbox. with virtualbox, you can virtually install another operating system on your current operating system, without having to reformat or repartition, which is great. so that's what ill be doing for this tutorial, ill be using Sun's virtualbox. ok so these are the three ways you can install linux:

a. another computer which you dont use and you want to experiment installing linux on it
b. another harddrive on this computer
c. a virtual hardrive on this computer

so for the purpose of this tutorial guide, i will be using the c method.

ok, so here we go.

1. the first thing you are going to need to do is download and install virtualbox, so i created another tutorial to teach you how you can install virtualbox. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO INSTALL VIRTUAL BOX

2. ok, now that you have virtualbox installed in your computer, its time to start the instalation of linux, ill be using fedora core 7. hmmm, if you dont already have a copy of fedora, you can get a copy of it at - i would advise that you download fedora core 7 so you can follow along each step. that way, you wont get lost because my pictures are going to look different. you can visit the fedora core project mirrors at : there you can find many mirros (websites) where you can dowload, im in california, so i am going to to to the USC (University of Southern California) mirror on the http server. so here is where i find it: or just CLICK HERE if you want to start downloading it now. and save the .iso in your computer. the file size is 2.7G so it will take a while to download. if you have dialup, forget it, but if you have cable or dsl its better. if you have dialup, the best thing to do is to order a cd by mail from the website or if you have a friend with broadband, ask them if they can download it for you overnight. then copy the .iso file into your computer.

3. ok, time to check, so by now you should have virtualbox installed in your computer, and you have downloaded the .iso DVD image of fedora core 7. if you have those two thing, you can continue with step 4.