hi, i dont know why i was born like this. but i wish i can be outgoing like my sister. for some reason i can't help but be a shy girl. i have tried to not be shy because i am all alone now and i want to have many boyfriends like my sister does. she is so pretty and all the boys like her. she tells me i am also pretty but my shyness gets in the way and thats why i dont have any boyfriend. i dont know what to do.

i have tried to approach this boy i like but when i try walking to him in the middle of it i chicken out and go back. i cant find the courage to go to him and talk. i wish i can just go to him and say hi. but i get nervous and start to sweat alot. the worst thing about it is that my face turns all red and its obvious i am blushing.

has anyone else going through this, if so tell me about you so maybe i can learn how to deal with my shyness