if you are wondering why you are gettin this error on your php scripts i will give you the answer.

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I was writing a script with PHP and i kept getting this error and wondered what the heck is wrong here, but i couldn't see the what was wrong on my script, till finally i found it and fixed it, so i though i post it here just in case there is anyone who might need some help on this.

this the error i got:
Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_IF in C:htdocsmyscript.php on line 36

and this is how my code looked like on like around 36

Line 36: if(!$_POST[name] && !$_POST[pass]
Line 37: {
Line 38: $error = "invalid password ";
Line 39: echo form($error);
Line 40: }
Line 41: else

ok, as you can see, the problem is that i don't have a ) at the end of !$_POST[pass] so all i had to do is put a ) at the end and it worked.

so basically, if you are getting this error is because you might be missing a closing bracket or parentesis.