i have a wallpaper website also, and lately i've been getting more and more visitors, and one of my biggest concerns right now is that the server i have it may not be enough to handle the load of all the stuff i have. so one of the things i wanted to know was how i can check the status of the physical memory being used by my server and the cpu usage. but since i only have access to my server through ssh, i need to know what command i can use to display and show me the stats about how much memory is being used by the server and how much cpu is being use. well, you're in luck if you found my post, i will show you what command you need to send on the linux shell to show you how much memory your computer is using.. in my case, its a pentium Duo CPU with 2G of memory..

so loging to your shell as root and send this commaned:

YOu will see a list of all the programs that are using the memory and the cup, it will refresh about every 3 seconds or so and it will display real time how much you are using. this is helpful when you know you've reached your limit and you need to upgrade.