to edit images:

loging to your admin at:

2. click on the "Edit All Listings" icon

3. you will see your listing by number:

4. on the right you will see a link where it says "Modify Listing" click on this

5. now a new screen will appear, there will be a link where it says "Edit Images" click on it

6. here you can add delete or modify your images that you want to post

7. to post an image at the top you will see "Browse" button click it and upload the image you want to post
if you want to add more, repeat by clicking on the "browse" button and select the image you want from your computer

NOTE: if you are not familiar with this. Its recommended that you upload one image at a time.

8. once you have selected the images you want, click on the "Upload picture" button

9. now, you will see the image at the bottom, populate the following fields to provide information about the image
Field Order on Listing Page: (leave this as is)
Caption: this will be a short title of the image
Description: a full description of what the image is about

10. once you have provided the information in the text box, click on the update box

11. done