i finally got an HD tv for myself but now i find myself asking: how doI program my comcast cable remote control code?

i have been trying to figure out how you guys were able to get the code for the remote.

i got the base for the cable, but on the instructions it doesnt give any specific code for my television.

so i started to program and read the instructions step by step. after reading all completey, i follow each step and was not able to successfully find the code for the comcast remote control. its like the code its not taking i click on the power and the volume like it says on the manual but it dont work either, i am getting very frustrated because when i bought my hd tv i thot that programin the remote control from the comcast cable was going to be easy. so i went to walmart and buy a universal remote control. it worked, but now i am left with the remote control for the HD converter box it not taking the signal only for the tv, so atleast i know i have the right code for the television. now if i can just get the comcast remote control to get it programmed correctly and easy. but the instructions on the manual are not very clear.

so i called my friend who also has comcast for their cable, he said to get a comcast custom dvr 3 device universal remote control, but were do you get a remote like that? he said you can buy a comcast universal remote control codes from ebay, i said what. no way, it turns out that you can all all the code free. i went to best buy and got a comcast 3 in 1 universal remote control cheap, now it works fine