The other day i got a call from a friend asking me how does he get his business on the internet. He was very interested because whenever he gave his business card, people would ask him if he had a web page. But he had no idea how to get one.

The first thing to do is to get a domain. A domain name is the name of the where people are going to go to find your business. For example, the domain name for this web site is

Step 1: find if you domain name is available.
The first step is to find out if your domain name is available. Lets say for example my business name is called: The Private Care Company LLC.
These would be some examples of a domain name i would choose this this company:


Once you have made a list of possible domain names for your company, you need to research if they are already taken.

TIPS: its best if you can get a .com domain name instead of .net

One way you can find out if your domain name is already taken is by visiting our friends at: and enter the domain name you want and click search. Webune will search for the domain name, if the domain name is available, it will tell you if you want to register. Click "continue" to start registering. it only costs $8.95 to register a domain name for one year.

In my example, i searched for but its already taken, so the best one available was

After i registered, the next step is hosting.

We will need a hosting company to host - that what our friends at do, they do web hosting, so we signed up for an annual plan. (note: if you don't want to deal with all the technicall stuff but want someone to manage your site from start to end, visit they will do it all for you)

Ok, now we have our domain name and our hosting, we will have to wait atleast 48 hours until our domain name registration completes throughout the internet worldwide.

After 48 hours, we are ready to publish our website, when you sing up with you web hosting company, they will provide you with an FTP account and login name which you will use to upload all your content to the your site.
Getting familiar with all this process can give you headaches. it requires an indivual to dedicate time and effort into learning all these technical stuff. Fortunately, our friends at they can do all this for you, from registering you domain name, to hosting, to designing your website. Contact them and tell them you need this service, they will give you a low price which you can afford, so start now, visit them at