My Amazon Interview Experience.

I am a data center manger. I have been working in data centers for more than 10 years. I have interview for Amazon at 4 different jobs in California, Utah and Oregon.

One factor is very consistent on my interviews. The hiring manager is a white Caucasian person. I did have one woman interviewer which was nice to see.

Unfortunately, on all four jobs, I did not get the job. Three I did not go to the 2nd interview. On my last interview, I finally made it to the second interview but didn't get it.

Now you might think that by me writing this blog here I am complaining. Thats not what I am doing. I am hoping to share my experience in case anyone is going through the same experience as I am and perhaps can learn something from my experience.

Here are some tips I can give you.

  1. Leadership Principles. Learn and adapt these principles to your day to day work life and personal life. The main focus for me here is the customer. Customer is everything. On the personal side, anyone who you engage with is a customer. The idea here is to do all whats in your power to please the other person. To please means to make them feel special.
  2. If you are a type A personally, it will be hard for you to land a management job at Amazon, You have to be a type B - You have to be a a**hole person. Sorry to say that. If you are quiet, hard working, gentle person, this is not for you.

Before you apply, think about what this job will mean at Amazon.


  • Job Security: You will be working with a global company
  • Salary : Amazon pays good
  • Technical: You will gain good technical knowledge


  • Work-Life balance sucks: You might work 14 hours a day and wont have much time for family time.
  • You will have to  be a jerk. I know they don't want you to be a jerk, but its the only way to succeed and go to the next level.

Even with all this expirience, I was not able to get the job. Expirience is not everything, you will have to have an aggressive attidude.