if you are looking for a boyfriend who is fat. i hope you dont take offense on me cuz i use the fat words. but i really do like girls who are overweight. i am 21 and i will be graduating next year. i like to get to know a plus size girl to make her my girlfriend. i hope to get marry soon and we can learn how fragile love is and take care of each other. but there is a catch. im not just looking for any overweight girl, she has to be a single. yeah, all i ask is that she between 18 and 21, i dont want a girl who is a girl thats why i want her to never had a boyfriend with anyone - although i have a boyfriend before, i dont want my girl to be touched by another guy. i know that sounds selfish, but its what i want. so if you are a single girl who is overweight and want to get to know me more please reply i will be waiting. you might wonder why i post this her for fat girls, well, i dont know why but for some reason i am turn on by plus size girl, i guess they just have a big heart. i dont care much about looks, just as long as she takes care of herself.