if you go to this url:


you will see that msn uses frames to keep user on their website, while viewing content from your website, so their visitors keep going to all these website. well, that's just not fair, its using your precious bandwidth and msn is getting it for free. so one way is to use a frame busting script. the only way i know of is using javascript. many webmasters and admins used javascript to fram bust but now looks like msn is getting smarter and if you put a frame buster in your website, they show this message to their user:

Displaying this page may force you to leave Live Search Images. Opening the page in a new window will prevent this.
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so they have a script to detect if you have a frame buster on your website.

i've seen some websites that dont use javascript, but use server side scripting to bust those frames. but i havent found a good script in php to make that happen.

if anyone knows a good and simple script in php i can use for fram busting using php that would be great if you can reply