i got one of those aftermarket bumpers from my local shop. it looked like it was made of plastic instead of poly urethen material but it looked better than the one i had on my z so i bought it for 280 dollars.

when i tried to installed it, it didnt fit because the fender fittings did not go with the fender so i couldnt make it fit

i took it back to get a refund. i got it but the guy at the shop said that they like to sell these parts to auto shops because the shop will make them fit. so i was wondering how in the heck are they gonna make them fit. i think the bumper was made as an JDM istead of a US market so that's why it didnt fit my car. i also got a fender and it didnt fit well, the fender was 125 bucks and i went to the dealer and there it cost me 285, but it was worth it because the fender fit perfect.

here is a picture of the holes on the BAD bumper i bought new:

here is the full size image, as you can see, its a pretty good looking bumper:

now here is the OEM fit, as you can see, the holes are different, so before you buy a bumper make sure it looks like the following picture:

and here another image of my original bumper

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