IF you are having trouble with bank of america cheap online banking, please post them here, i would like to have proof to them how much their online banking sucks. thanks.

Man, This sucks,

Recently, MBNA got bought out by Bank Of America. I was so happy with MBNA of America. Their online banking was so simple to use, very user friendly. Now i am forced to use Bank of America's Online Banking Interface, and it sucks.

In 1989 I had a bad expirience with Bank Of America in Van Nuys California. They Descriminated me because I didn't make alot of money. For some reason the bank teller kept telling me that the Social Security Number I was giving her was incorrect, he kept insisting that it was not a good card. I kept telling her to call the social security administration if she didn't believe me, but she kept insisting that she knew it was not a valid number. Finally, i felt so embarrassed in front of all the people at the bank waiting in line that i decided to leave. Til this day, its hard for me to think about this expirience. Stupid Bank of America Sucks BIG TIME!!!

Im going to cancel my card and look for another bank. Stupid online banking they have sucks, Im trying to access my account, and all i keep getting a 500 error... whatever that means :roll:

Well, if for some reason you have to decide to bank with Bank of America, i recommend that you don't. Their customer service sucks.

So as an attempt to resolve my issue with them, i tried to contact them by calling them and by emailing them.

hahaha, try calling their customer service number at 1.800.622.8731 - Man, I've been on hold for more than 10 Minutes

So I decided to send them an email, after i submitted the form, this is the message they provide:

Thank you. Your e-mail has been sent successfully. You can expect a reply within 1 to 2 business days.

Yeah righ, I don't have 2 day, but you are SOL if this is the weekend, because then you have to wait at least 4 days, that's ridicolous.

UPDATE: i finally received an email on my request, this is what it says:
(i tried all their suggestions and i still can't see my bank accout)

Dear Customer, Thank you for your inquiry dated xx/xx/xxx regarding Connection problem.