so here is my situation. i met this guy a while ago. uesterday we had a blast together. i was so happy with him. he made me feel special. it was amazing. we kissed and made out. afterwards we had to work so at night we talk and he said he was gonna call me today.

the day passed and its already ten oclock and he has not call me yet. so i called him a bunch of time and he doesnt pick up my calls.

after a week. still no answer. at this point im really disapointed.

so if u r in the same situation as me and u are wondering why he doesnt call you or doesnt pick up his cell phone these are might be some reasons.

1. his phone is dead

2. he is really buzy and dealing with some drama. for example his family

3. he is ignoring you

my advice is just dont give him so much thought. i know its hard not to think about him. so try to keep your mind buzy. go out with some frinds and keep ur mind buzy. or talk to other guys that make you feel special. eventually he will call. but by then. uou have gotten over it.

and next time dont give too much if ur heart so soon. take it slow

UPDATE: guess what. a couple of hours later after i wrote this, he called me, that was so weird. you wanna know what i did. i was like sending him a message through my heart to call me, and he did. how weird is that?