Hello everyone. I am having alot of fun doing some data analysis for a project. If you are a dog lover like I am I am hoping you can find the following information helpful.

Insight and Visualization

WeRateDogs, Project #4 - Data Wrangling

By Edwin Aquino June 03, 2019

Insight #1 - Most Rated Dog Breeds

    Insight #1 - Most Rated Dog Breeds The below histogram chart clearly shows which is the most rated dog breed in the WeRateDogs data. By looking at this chart, you can conclude that the Golden Retrieive wins over all other breeds as the most popular breed. Who can blame these dog owners, Golden Retrievers are loving and loyal dogs.

Insight #2 - Source of Tweets

    By observing the following chart it is obvious that the majority of tweets to the WeRateDogs account are from iPhone users. As a developer, this is a critical insight when developing the twitter interface to ensure that the applications are properly working on iPhone devices.

Insight #3 - Dog Gender

    Males are definitely the most favorite of gender for dog owners. Part of the reason why people may choose to be a dog owner is costs. When considering purchasing or adopting a dog, there is a financial investment that comes with dog ownership. For example, veterinary costs tend to be higher for females dogs. Services such as pregnancy and Spaying are traditional more costly than male dogs.

Insight #4 - Tweets Rating Votes

    Looking at the ratings people are submitting it appears that most users stay within the 10 to 13 range. There may some bias from dog owners when placing their ratings. I don't think the people at WeRateDogs mind. The high ratings are an obvious example that the users who are submitting these ratings love their dogs very much.

If you are a dog owner and would like to join the tweeter WeRateDogs community, check it out!