For the last 6 months I have been playing my favorite game of all time. Street Fighter II

I found this application called FightCade and it allows you to challenge other players from around the world with various skill levels.

These are the top players I have observered as of November 2020:

  1. zagi (ChungLi)
  2. fatihozyolu
  3. black ken
  4. bazouka (M. Bison)
  5. RenoMD
  6. gioken
  7. india
  8. EVD
  10. Oldsamir is back
  11. GolcarJack (Guile)
  12. goteczu (Bison) * I hate this guy, well, not the human playing, but the character

Just when I thought Zagi could not be defeated, here comes Oldsamir is back beats him 5 to 1 with Guile. View Match