do you have a website and you want to know how to put that little icon on the browser's icon. well, if you are not familiar with how to put it there. i will give you a short explanation. that icon is actually called a favicon

it goes back to the days when netscape was the browser to have. netscape was a really good broswer, i think mozilla firefox became of netscape. favicon is short for 'Favorite Icon' - usually the favicon will appear on your favorites or bookmarks. but now modern browsers show the favicon on the address bar as well.

so enough talking. all you have to do is put this code on your HTML:

in this example, we are going to be using the most popular site in the world, google, so we will use the google favicon.ico file located at:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />

if you need to know how to create a favicon try this tutorial:
How To Put An Icon On Your Browser URL Address Bar favicon.ico