my friend just sent me a text with the new saynow vanessa hudgens personal phone number, i didnt know that vanessa hudgens had a fan hotline. so i called right, thinking it was some kind of lie that my friend was playing tricks on me because she knows i love vanessa hudgens. so i called the number thinking it was like vanessa hudgens personal mobile cellphone, and then i got the greeting. i left my number and my names, next day, wow!!!, guess what she called me and told me she appreciated me being a fan and to keep watching her shows and that she loves of her fans for supporting with her. i was about to faint when i heard it, i couldnt believe vanessa hudgens was calling me. wow. so if anyone else wants her number just tell me and ill send it to you, but i just can't give it to anyone bcuz there are haters out there, so what would you say to vanessa hudgens if you had her number?

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