i want to warn anyone wanting to buy a adata hard drive not to buy one. i bought one about 1 month ago at fry's electronics in fremont california. and today the drive did not boot. all my data is gone and lost. on the drive there is a sticker that says "void if removed". i paid like 85 dollars for this crap. i knew i was not going to get my money back. but i dont really care much about the money as much as i care for the data i lost. i lost so much data, so many hours of work.

so if you are thinking about putting a ssd drive on your computer, dont do it, atleast not now until they become more reliable. unfortunately i had to learn the hard way.

this is my type:
500 series
optimized for ahci mode
support win7 trim command
read up to 280mb
write up to 270mbs
sendforce isndie