in this tutorial i will show you you how you can configure you virtual box machine to be able to allow ssh into your guest machine.

step 1. open the virtual box application, make sure that the guest machine is powered off. be sure that the virtual guest machine also has atleast one adapter setup for NAT. the second one, we will configure for host-only.

to see how i did it, play this video:

these are the steps i took in this video:

go to settings > network > adapter 2

[x] Enable Network Adapter
Attached to: Host-only Adapter
Name: VirtualBox Host-only Ethernet Adapter

Adapert Type: PCnet-FAST III (Am79C973)
Mac Address: 080027801537
[x] Cable Connected

after you have setup these settings, login to your virtual machine linux ssh server. do an ifconfig command to show you the ip address of the ETH1 interface and use that ip address to ssh into your virtual machine.