China Anne Mcclain Quiz

If you are a true china anne mcclain fan, you will know all the answers to this quiz. good luck.

China Anne Mcclain is one of most famous Disney Singers and Actress. We love her shows and her singing. She is the number actress of all time. When I get her phone number I am going to tell her how much I love her and I admire China so much.

I have the real number for China Anne Mcclain but I don't want to give it out because so many people called her last time it was given out and there were some haters who called her and told her mean things. so if anyone wants her real number u better be nice to China Anne Mcclain. OK -

I challenge you to take the quiz. Only true fans will know the answers.

OK guys, learn these notes before you take the quiz to help you pass with a 100% score!

  • China has many talents, including
    1. singing
    2. dancing
    3. acting
    4. song writing
  • China also has a family and she has siblings.
  • My favorite China's songs are:
    1. Calling All the Monsters
    2. Dynamite
    3. Exceptional
    4. Unstoppable
    5. Beautiful
  • Before joining the disney channel, China appeared on Tyler perry's house of pain on the 2014
  • On Thanksgiving, I saw China was at the Macy's Day Parade thats when she made the movie called How to Build a Better Boy