today i was working on dreamweaver i had just installed and i was getting this message that said:

you must save this file in order to preview it in a browser

so how do you get rid of this message.

very easy, i will show you how:

1. In Dreamweaver CS, go to Edit > Preferences

2. Under Preferences, select Preview in browser:

- select your favorite browser, in my case, i will select Firefox
- check the box that says: Preview using temporary file
- Hit OK

Done. after this you can just preview your work in a temporary html file instead of having to install a web server on your Dreamweaver computer.

if you still get this message:
to preview pages containing server-side code, you must need a testing server. would you like to specify one now?

[] Don't show this message again

just click no. and check the 'Don't show this message again' so you dont have to see this error again