recently i was managing some domain names for a customer in the godaddy domain name manager, i changed the nameserver to the godaddy servers because i wanted to transfer the domain to the premium domain name services they have, so everything worked well, so after i made the changes, i was still seeing the old page from the old server.. so i flushed my dns records from my computer by using the following command on my windos 7 dos terminal:

ipconfig /flushdns

after i sent the command, i was able to see the new index.html page on the directory i setup in my web hosting control panel. but now i am seeing some error image like this one:


so how do you fix this... well, from my expirience, this shows up while the system is updating the records, so while the system completes its process, you wont see your content. its normal, dont panic. as the message said when you updated the nameserver, it will take 2 hours. and it will take 48 to complete all the records..