i want to tell my story here because i see so many women who are in the same situation as i am. you see i married my husband 10 years ago, he was the man of my dreams. i thought our marriage was a happy one. until recently he started to tell me things which he had in his mind for a long time.

it all started one night when we were having an argument. she told me he didnt want to end up with me but instead with someone else, now he want to get a divorce with me because he only married me because he felt he had to. for convenience. he needed to have a stable family home for his work and the only way he could advance in his work was to show his company that he had a wife and kids and a home. now that he has reached a certain age he doesnt want to deal with that and that he wants to find his happiness with a woman he loves instead of me.

how can anyone do this to another person. i thought all those moments we had were special. and for him to tell me these things its devastating. i dont know what i am going to do without him.

is anyone else going through the same thing? i can't imagine anyone else having such an awful heart