about ten years ago when i started learning about web and internet, one of the steps i had to learn about setting up my own website was about dns.

then i learned how to run my website from my cable dsl home connection. i was great, and a good turorial i used was one that i googled.

so i want it not to go erased from link history so i want to keep the same tutorial alive so that why here is where you can find a good tutorial to learn dns. its a great place to start.

if you think setting up a DNS server is hard, think again, i mean, its not very easy, but its nothing complicated either. one of the challenges is not having a static ip, but today many websites offer dynamic dns which you can use in case your ip address is changed by your ISP


now i am getting forbidden. do you know how i can see the content on this url

i used this url to configure my dns in linux, it was very helpful.. so this is what i did

do a google search for cache, i found it, its this:


after looking at the code, i found out that its a copy from linuxhomenetworking.com

you can view the whole tutorial here: