I have left my previous business partnership to branch off on my own endeavor, creating very high income generating Youth and Teen Female Modeling websites.


Outfits will include Summer, Swimwear, Sleepwear, and Casual. There will be NO sexual overtone to ANY of the images whatsoever.

Visitors pay a monthly fee, of which is split equally 50% with the Model - typically exceeding $1000 - $2500 a month, literally!

In the first few months, we will do a photo-session weekly to bi-weekly, then, after we have enough photo sets to drive in a steady flow of paying visitors (about 20), the sessions will be increased to bi-weekly to monthly.

Unless requested otherwise, the model will be under an alias name, and the website will be *NOT* marketed in the area of which the model lives, goes to school, etc.

This is NOT exploitation, and all images will be age appropriate - and the model will have the time of her life. It is very character and confidence building, not to mention very FUN for the girls to do!

Where else can you have fun, get exposure, and earn enough to pay off your mortgage as well?!?!

To apply, please email the following:

Model Name
Model Birthday
Model City
Model Photographs (self, home, and non-professional photos preferred)

Parent/Agent Name
Parent/Agent Phone

Parent/Agent/Model Availability