today i was working on a script which had ajax to post items on a cart. i was testing on different browsers. i had tested the top 3 browsers:

mozilla firefox
google chrome
microsoft internet explorer 8

so when i tested on internet explorer, i worked. it was weird because usually its ie the one that gives me the most problems

then i tried chrome, it worked also

then lastly, i tried on firefox, it wasn't doing anything on the OnClick() function.

so i troubleshoot it and found this.. i was validating my HTML with validator and i remembered it found an error on my of my javascript files:

this is how i had it:
<script src="ajax/v3.js" >

it was complaining i didnt put a type. so i changed it to:
<script src="ajax/v3.js" type="text/jscript">

once i changed it to:
<script src="ajax/v3.js" type="text/javascript">

it worked great!!!

im posting just incase you guys are also having problems with your wallpaper website.

please let me know if it helped