today a customer was complaining about their website not working. they were using jquery with fancybox and when ever a user click on a click to start fancybox, they would get a message that says:

The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.

ok, so how did we solve this problem.. well, after a couple of hours reviewing the javascript code, we found a piece of code that stood out. it was this line:

if(ShowFacyBox){ $('#'+FancyBoxDiv).remove();

well, what happened here that they were using another script that uses fancy box, and when fancy box was started, it would not find the ajax div where the content will go, because it was removed by the previous command. instead we changed it to

if(ShowFacyBox){ $('#'+FancyBoxDiv).hide();

you see the difference. instead of remove() we use hide()

so basically, if you are getting this error might be because of fancybox cannot find the element where to put the content to. for example, our script was looking for a div with id FancyBoxDiv and fancybox did not find it so thats why we were getting this error.

another possible issue could be duplicate divs with the same id or element that fancybox is using.

hope that helps