so today i was writing some ajax code that works with my php. i was testing my code with firefox, chrome and internet explorer. it worked with firefox and chrome but not with ie.

so basically if you are also getting this same error, the problem is bad HTML. you have a syntax in your HTML.

for example, after i looked at my code, i found what the problem was. this is what my problem was, this is the code how i had it:

<div" id="Return1318554150"></div> <div class="

do you see the problem? take a look at the <div" id= part, yeah, i have a double quote that shouldn't be there and thats what was causing the problem when i was returning the HTML with my ajax JQuery code from php. after i removed the double quotes, it worked, didnt see anymore errors.

what helped me troubleshoot my code was this:

i used the htmlentities() function to return the HTML code from my PHP file to see what HTML the PHP file was sending back.

also, i am using dreamweaver, and when i paste the code into a new HTML document, dreamweaver highligthed the problem for me.