I was a player I new the game now its killing me slowly

guy's and girl's i am looking for help ? i am in love but i seem to be the only 1 Me and the most gorguse girl i have ever meet were friends with benifits for over 12 months i know what you think guy's awwsome right well i once thought that but its ok as long as ur in control now i dont know yous so no here i can get almost any girl i want and i sometimes have 3 or 4 on the go at any one time sounds good yip and it was BUT!!! I am now madly in love with my friend she made it clear from the start that this was nothing more than fun and nothing would come of it i stop looking for girls started getting comfortable she was starting too also but everything has went to because i told her i have feelings for her and asked her were i stood she told me she felt the same but could never see me and her together and it was no fair for her to keep playing with my head so its now over

i am so lost without her now my heart is in pecies what should i do my friends think am kl with this but i am lost inside HELP!!!!!