Imagine this ok im not popular but my friend is but i hate her,though she doesnt know that...well the boy he doesnt know me and i barely know anything about him all i know is that hes in grade 9 and his full namee.........he looks at me all the time he just keeps on eyes at me sometimes i feel thathe doesnt want to be in the same place i am so he can forget about me but thats not possible what do i doo
i barellyy knoww him
i just get irratated that he wont talk to me and imagine this hes best friend (ahmad)is a girl player which pretty much means that he dates girls for fun do u think hes like him but they say he isnt but he trys to do problems well infront of me
and ahmad once tryed to shove him into me :$:$
what do i doo??
Does he like mee
Do i like him??
Should i trust himm??
plzzz helpp adviceee nowww