im getting an error today with my adobe dreamweaver.

While executing dw_bcc canAcceptCOmmand in BCC.htm, a JavaScript error occurred.

I havent figure out what to do with this error. I updated my dreamweaver application software to see if the would clear the error, but it did not.
my friend told me i can reinstall the dreamweaver from my cd, so i did, and guess what, that did not help at all.

i am getting lost with this error, and i have not found anyone who can help me. I tried so hard to fix it, that i think i broke my computer. If you go to the help menu, you are given a bunch of options. one of the option says support. so i clicked on support, then it took me to this website for adobe. i guess adobe bought out macromedia or something, nevertheless, i have this error haunting me all the time.

i think i am just going to use other SDK for my websites because i am tired of looking at this error all the time.

if anyone has been able to find any answers, can you please tell me.