to open a simple text file from linux is very easy. i will show you. lets say for example i have a log file in the following:


first you will need to find a way to transfer the june.log file, you can use a usb or email to get it to the windows pc. so in my example, i am going to be copying the june.log file to my usb pen drive.

cp /var/log/httpd/2001/june.log /mnt/media/usb/june.log

ok, now on the windows pc, copy and past the june.log file to your desktop, once you have placed the june.log file in your windows desktop, remane the file from june.log to june.txt and open it with wordpad. you can use notepad, but it may not me formatted how you wanted, in this case, try wordpad first. try both to see which one works better.

i hope i helped you by showing copying a log file from a linux server to a windows pc.