ever since the show started last year i have watch Gold Rush on the discovery channel, its about these guys from Oregon on an adventure to find gold in Alaska.

last year i was left with anticipation for this new season. but so far i have seen the first two episodes of Gold Rush Alaska and it doesn't look good for the Hoffman Family. That dude Dakota Fred took the mining site. I was very disappointed because i wanted sooooo bad to see the Hoffmans take that gold from that glory hole....

so these are some of my theories as to why the second season is changing shifts from the Hoffmans to Dakota Fred and now to the miners next door with the grandfather and his teen grandson.

i think whats gonna happen on the show Gold Rush is that they producers are going to focus more time on the porcupine mine because all the viewers want to know if the Hoffmans were right, was there really gold in that glory hole??

THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO KNOW. i don't care about the other mine the Hoffmans are mining, i want to see the gold come out off the porcupine mine!!!!!!

so i think the show finale is going to be when the gold comes out from the porcupine mine. then all the viewers are going to be satisfied..

oh one more thing,, man i wish Todd shave down the bear. looks weird man
todd hoffman

you know, i thought about it, when i first saw Gold Rush on the discovery channel, all i kept looking at this dude's bear, i couldn't stop it, it was like it was staring back at me.. hahaha.
but then i thought, if he did shave it off, then he would look weird..