if you want to learn how to get rid of rats or rodents in your house attict this helpful guide will show you what you need to do to get rid of rats mice in your home attict so read my tutorial here can help you understand more about how to catch rats

about a year a go we bought a two story house. and two weeks ago i started to hear little critters up on the roof. at first i thought they were the birds that were walking up on the roof. so i didnt give my thought to it.

as the days went by, it kept getting worst. it would wake me up in the middle of the night like around 4am. so i was thinking.. these birds are up so early.. day by day it kept getting worst. so one day i got up and went outside, i didn't see any pigeons or birds. hmmm. ok i said.. maybe its not birds. what else could it be? a mouse? yeah, its gotta be a mouse. so i went to the walmart and bought a mouse trap. it was one of those little plastic mouse traps that you catch them live. i didnt want to put poison because if i fed them poison, then the mouse would die somewhere in the attic, slowly with pain, and then it would stink up my house from the carcass.

so i got 3 traps and placed some cheese inside. when i went up in the attic to place the traps, i saw some droppings, at this point, i came convince i had rodents in the attic. days went by, and nothing, i was not catching anything. but the noise kept waking me in the middle of the night.

in my mind, i knew i had to catch them fast or else they would reproduce up there and then i would have a situation which i can't control. from frustration, i started to look in the yellow pages for pest control services. i found the usual.. Orkin, Terminix, Clark - but most of these companies work on insects. they spray chemicals in your house.. i didnt want that because i have a 4year old and two cats. so what should i do?? i went online and started to look how i can get rid of mouse in the attict..

so my surprise, i didnt have mice in my house, but instead, i had RATS!!! -- my skin crawls for some reason when i think about rats.. as i read more and more, it freaked me out all the stuff i read. like how fast they reproduce and how they carry diseases. ewwww - i knew i didnt want to handle this by myself. the best place i found information was http://www.aaanimalcontrol.com - i tried to look for a someone near where i live but there were none listed in their directory.

through the weekley ads i received in my junk mail at home, there was this guy who catches wild life and rats. so i made a appointment with them, for some reason, they were busy and i could only get them to come in three days. i told them to come anyway. meanwhile, i called a regular pest control service in my town so they can also come and i can compare prices. when i called them, they gal that answered the phone said she would give my number to the technician to see when it would be best for him to come to my house.. days went by and i didnt hear anything. so the day came with the other guy came to my house and take a look. i told him what i did:

- i went around my house and trim any limbs off my trees that would be touching the roof.
- replaced some missing roof tiles
- patch some holes in my stucco near my chiminey

he said, all the things i did were good but i could also do the following:

- replace the weather strip at the bottom of my garage door - rodents usually get in the house through there

- put some screen in some areas where rats can go inside your roof. he said that rats are known to crawl or climb up the house though the side so all areas where there is entry to the attic need to be seal

all this was going to cost me $350 - the best and most humane way to catch rats in the old fashion way, using rat traps. these are the traps you can buy in your local hardware store. he would place traps around and then if i smell anything to call them and they would come to take the traps.. - when he said that i was like.. i can do this myself and not pay all that money. so i told him i would try to take care of it myself and if need to, i would call them to come and take care of it.

so i went to my local hardware store and bought three rat traps. oh wait,, i forgot to tell you. the guy asked me what i was using as bait. i told him cheese. he said that its better to use peanut butter. so i went to target and bought some peanut butter (not the chunky one)

so i went up the attic and set two traps with peanut butter. IMPORTANT!!! - be sure to always wear globes and do not touch the traps with your bear hands.. why?

1. because your hands carry oil. and rats can smell the oil in humans so they stay away from it. so if you touch the traps with your bear hands, the rats can smell that and they would avoid the traps.

2. rats carry so many diseases, you need to protect yourself from them.

the next morning i went up the attic and sure enough the two traps had gotten a rat each. i was discussed it.. i dont know why.. i mean. i am a man, but for some reason i get discussed. lucky for me, my wife has a stronger stomach and removed the rats from the traps. i kept putting traps, on the second round, i only caught one more.

i dont hear the noises anymore, i am able to sleep through the night. i do feel guilty because i had to kill them to get rid of them. but what else can i do?