hi love, today something weird happened to me. this guy i know for a while now asked me if i liked him. it took me by surprise because i never thought of him like "that" - you know what i mean.

i mean, he's cute and all, but he's no my type. so i dont know if he is just messing with me or what.

my friend told me that there is a way you can tell if a guy is just playing you by telling asking him what he likes about me.

depending on what he answers, you can tell if he likes you, or just playing with you.

so here is the question to ask him:

"what do you like about me?"

1. these are the answers he might give you if he likes you:
- your eyes
- your smile
- your sense of humor
- that you are smart
- that you are so independent
- that you are caring

2. these are the answer he might give you if he is just PLAYING you!
- that you are nice
- that you are cute
- that you are pretty
- how you dress
- when you are both together
- spending alone time with you
- making out
- making love

there are more, if anyone else is interested in knowing more. just let me know..

ps. i would like to know how did he asked you that if you love him