i have this great wallpaper of Snooki Polizzi, she is so funny, i like watching the show just because of Snooki Polizzi. i found this picture of Snooki Polizzi, i have her on my PC desktop background just because i love her so much. i wish i had Snooki Polizzi cell phone number so i can call her and tell her how much i love her and i am a big fan. i read on Snooki's wiki the ther height is about .. well, i let you guess, because i think she is a bit chubby and short. but Snooki's parents lover her, so i dont know what is Snooki boyfriend's name, sometimes you can catch some of Snooki twitter or myspace and facebook wall, also, can you tell me what is Snooki poughkeepsie means?

if you have Snooki Polizzi cell phone contact, what would you say?