hi guys, i need some help on something regarding my wallpaper website. i noticed you use adsense also. i have adsense and in trying to make my website load faster, i have started to implement lazy loading on my javascript and css style sheet files. it works great. but i havent dont it on the adsense code for fears that google will send me a notice that i broke their rules. i depend alot on the money i make on google adsense and dont want to jepordize getting canceled. so anywayz, do you know of anyone or maybe you might now if google does allow lazy loading of the adsense code?

i sent them a letter to [email protected] with this letter:

hello Adsense Support,

Have a question.. We are using adsense in some of our websites. While using PageSpeed on Firefox it recommended "Defer loading of JavaScript"


we are "lazy loading" all our javascript code except the adsense code

we looked at your support pages but could not find the answer to our question. the closest we found was this:

Our question is exactly as user "Mr.Webmaster" on this thread:

however, that answer is not conclusive.

would you be able to clarify this question?

Not sure if this email is the correct email to obtain support, if not, can you refer us to the correct location where we can get direct support?

Thank you.

Its been 8months now and i never got a reply, not sure what to do anymore. if someone can help me regarding this topic, please let me know.